Cat Bluemke (b. 1993) is a MFA student in Design for Emerging Technologies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She graduated with her BFA from OCAD University in Toronto, Canada in 2016. Bluemke’s interdisciplinary practice explores the design of culture and technology, examining the hegemony that constructs politics and subject, both contemporary and historical. She works both independently and collectively, co-managing the Toronto-based Tough Guy Mountain new media collective that applies bureaucratic practices as art medium. Her independent practice combines neoliberal strategies with parafictional realities that visualize the directing forces of the subject under capitalism. Her work has been shown in spaces such as at The Power Plant (Toronto), Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto), GRIN Galleries (Providence, RI) Neubacher Shore (Toronto), and Gallerie Projet Pangée (Montreal). She lives and works in Chicago, IL.