Gigco: Escape the Gig Economy
Mobile application for iOS and Android

Gigco: Escape the Gig Economy explores the games that are behind our work. In the Gig Economy, you've got to get the job done- or risk automation.Tap your phone screen to deliver boxes and defend your minimum-wage job against impending automation in quick-paced, casual gameplay. If you make it to the end of your shift, you rack up points after-hours by using the company's social media app. Gigco inverts the logic of contemporary ‘gamification' trends, which dominate the platforms of the gig economy.

The game is free and runs on both iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded at the website

Gigco: Escape the Gig Economy was published by SpekWork Studio in 2019, and exhibited at the 2019 A.Maze Video Game Art Festival (Berlin) and the 2019 Mayworks Festival of Working People (Toronto) in the exhibit Unfeeling Capitalism. A co-operative desktop version of the game is currently in development and can be followed here.