Luxury International Catalogue FW 2014

Luxury International Catalogue FW 2014 is a portable document file (PDF) that examines the notions of archiving and authorship, the economy and art practices, and the evolving construct of value in Internet-aware ("Postinternet") society. Catalogue was created in Florence, Italy, where these effects are felt while the historical identity of the city is rooted in material art and its physical location. Critiques manifest as "thought-piece" blog style entries in the pages of the PDF. While it could be read as a didactic piece of academic jargon, it targets the dichotomies of the Postinternet art community: accessibility and exclusivity, materiality or convenience. Catalogue focuses on this division between the online/offline worlds, recognizing that the division between mass culture and digital culture is fast disappearing.
 The work was displayed online on the 100percentreal Pavilion at the 2015 Digital Art Biennale