Natura Morta
Diptych, acrylic and LEDs

Modern concepts of the ‘artist’ can be drawn back to the Renaissance era of artisans rendering perspective in the family portraits of Popes and bankers. "Artists" were technicians, translating religious texts to the illiterate or visually document a patron’s wealth. As the process of documentation has become increasingly accessible, from the emergence of photography to the homogeneity of Instagram, the capture of the temporal became commonplace. The technician’s goals of creating illusionistic imagery has long since passed, with artistic conventions like portraiture, still life and memento mori losing their once uncontested power in favour of new interpretations. Natura Morta is a still life study, influenced by the rapidly produced and reproduced image content of image sharing platforms like Tumblr. While each post stems from its author, the nature of the platform results in the interchanging of meaning and repurposing of the image. Any post serves as a snapshot, and through metadata and meta-references, this snapshot is its memento mori. Natura Morta uses heavy references to both the classic and contemporary art worlds to date itself with a passed history of internet fads, while composed of material intended to withstand time. It is a study of the form of the still life and its interpretations, adapted for an accelerated society.