Pietra Serena
Digital prints on silk scarves, catalogue essay

Pietra Serena is a response of the artist's experience while living and working in Florence, Italy. Inspired by the Hyperreality of Florence and the widespread trend of authenticity in art and curatorial practices, the project references artworks of the Renaissance; a period based in origin, and repurposes them on silk scarves. The recycling of familiar imagery compares similarities of valuable ‘fine art' contra their reproductions. Using current design trends and technology to create images on organic material, the project discusses an authenticity-based value system as a potentially damaging cycle that rejects the reality of contemporary culture. Pietra Serena does not denounce its audience or their consumption, but asks to reconsider a system structured by exclusive ideals. The project consists of eleven digital paintings printed on silk, and an essay of the artist's structured as an exhibition catalogue. The work was displayed in Florence, Italy and at Art Toronto, Canada's largest international art fair.