Spiritus Sancti
Digital Jacquard weaving, digital embroidery, wood (various dimensions)

Spiritus Sancti explores the search for connection in the 2017 political space of algorithmic state surveillance. Pulling images of angels caught on security cameras sourced from YouTube conspiracy accounts and their comment section chaos, they are then translated into embroidered panels and woven textiles. The project combines the context of a space of worship (initially a space of the commons) with cyberspace, the dominant shared space of contemporary culture. Inviting users to participate in the act of contemplation and confession, the work invokes questions of security, trust, and collaboration in an age of extreme relativism.

Images are from the installation of the work in the exhibit Transcendence at Interaccess, Toronto, curated by Stacie Ant. Images from the exhibit are taken by Pam Lau.