Tough Guy Mountain
New Media Performance Art Collective
2012 -

Tough Guy Mountain is a Toronto-based art collective making interactive performance art about unpaid internships. Working together since 2012, they have created video games, musical theatre, and gallery exhibits in which audiences explore a fantasy world of corporate serfdom. The collective has exhibited their work and performed across Canada and the United States.

Cat Bluemke has been a lead designer of the collective since 2013, working across media in theatre set design, installation, and game design. Her work with the collective can be viewed on the Tough Guy Mountain online portfolio. Select projects are listed below:

Intern Purgatory, 2020, Virtual Reality application
Postcapitalist Propaganda, 2017, Software and installation
Symposium on the Aesthetics of Social Innovation, 2016, Performance
Intern Explorer, 2015, Software and performance
Tough Guy Mountain: a play, 2015, Hybrid theatre